LOKAL Alternatives

For those that want (some) of the conveniences of Co-Living & Community but prefer their own private space.

Every alternative includes:

  • Private Apartment
  • LOKAL CoWork Pass
  • Exclusive invites to LOKAL CoLive events

We can also provide:

(For an additional fee)

  • 24/7 CoWork Access
  • Beer/wine/coffee/tea
  • Weekly Cleaning
Check out the LOKAL Alternatives below!
LOKAL Alternatives

Vera Neighbor 2-Bedroom

Located in VERA. Less than 2 minute walk from LOKAL.

Pricing includes CoWork pass and events, as well as LOKAL’s Private CoLive events.

2 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom

Master Bedroom with queen size bed.
2nd Bedroom with 2 Twin beds.

Fully equipped kitchen, full bath with bath-tub & shower, washing machine, Keyless access.


  • Monthly $780
  • 3 Weeks $640
  • 2 Weeks $500
  • 1 Week $305

Utilities are included with 1-2 week stays. With longer stays; tenant will be responsible for all utilities.

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