. . . it's not only about work.

Lokal Tbilisi is not just about co-working; it’s an engaged community of digital nomads, expats, and locals coming together to work, play, and learn.

While our co-workers have the choice to work from home, they prefer LOKAL because they love the environment of openness and creativity. 

We keep it casual – no dress code, no stuffy office vibe.  We want LOKAL members to feel at home; comfortable enough to kick back and put their feet up, while powering through their busy workday. 

At LOKAL Tbilisi, you feel the comfort of working at home while experiencing the benefits of having a community around you.   

Hot Desks
Hot desks are offered on a daily, weekly, or monthly option. Hot desks are located on the ground floor, first floor, and in the outdoor garden areas.
Hot Desk
Selection of available open desks
Indoor and Outdoor Workspaces
100 mps WiFi
Coffee & Tea Included
COVID Health & Safety Procedures
NOTE: Due to COVID monthly plans are currently unavailable.
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Fixed Desks
Fixed desks are offered on a weekly, or monthly basis. LOKAL has opted to offer Fixed desks to help our members reduce community points of contact. These spaces will be provided for exclusive use to you during your membership period.
Fixed Desk
Selection of available workspaces
Additional use of hot desk (pending availability)
100 mps WiFi
Coffee & Tea Included
COVID Health & Safety Procedures
NOTE: Due to COVID we have opted to stop offering monthly plans until we are certain that we can provide these without risk of interruption.
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Custom CoWork Packages Available

Your productivity is our TOP Priority! If our fixed CoWork plans just don't work for you, we want to create a package that is perfect.

How are we different?

Founded by a former digital nomad, LOKAL has all the services you could want in a shared office space.  We’ve got you covered with conveniently located outlets at each desk, bookable call and meeting rooms, the highest speed WIFI available in Tbilisi (100MBPS), and most importantly, free high-quality coffee and tea!  Whether you’re in tech, marketing, design, business, creative fields, or any other remote-friendly industry, we encourage you to make a home at LOKAL.

LOKAL also provides a convenient platform for members to share their knowledge and expand their skills.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or Rockstar speaker – if you have something you’re passionate about teaching, we welcome you to contribute to the group.  Our members are lifelong learners and active community members; they’re eager to share their wisdom and gain perspective and information from their fellow co-workers.  Regardless of your background, we encourage you to get involved in any way that inspires you.  

At the end of the day, LOKAL’s members walk away feeling productive, connected, and inspired.  They get their work done in a supportive environment, and leave our workshops and lectures feeling fulfilled with the knowledge they’ve gained and the connections they’ve formed.  

Our members come first.  Have an idea?  Share it.  Have a question?  Ask it.  We want you to feel included as a valued member of our community.  


We know that you are concerned about what we’re doing in light of the COVID pandemic. We hear you! Our member’s health and safety is top priority. LOKAL has initiated a full spectrum of health and safety processes and procedures.

Please see our Health & Safety Policies

What is the WiFi Speed?

Our Wifi speeds are the fastest available in Tbilisi at 100mps.

What type of people use LOKAL?

We have varied assortment locals, expats, and digital nomads that work out of LOKAL: web developers, graphic designers, freelancers, and many more. We also have creatives such as authors, promotional speakers, and marketers. You will see a wide variety of entrepreneurs and freelancers here.

What if I need after-hour access?

No problem! Just let us know your needs and we’ll work with you individually to make sure that we can help you stay productive.

Can I bring my own food/drinks?

No problem! You can even order from Wolt/Glovo if you want to. We provide free coffee, & tea to our members.  Wine/craft beer is also available for a bit extra.

Do you have call rooms?

At this time, we don’t have actual call rooms. However,  you can pre-book a private space for an hour or a day, depending on your needs. Additionally, we have a lot of space to spread out so you can find a quiet corner for calls or even a nap!

Ask us for details.